About J.W. Interservices

J.W. Interservices grew out of the Interservice. Interservice was a not for profit  finance related service institution belonging to the Catholic Church under the Uganda Episcopal Conference. It was started by the religious congregation of the Missionaries of Africa in the early 1970’s. This was at a time when Uganda was suffering the adverse effects of the economic war declared by Idi Amin; a time when the country was going through a sharp economic depression, political isolation and decline in the efficiency of the services of the financial institutions.

In the said period, the Catholic Church which depended a lot for its work on assistance and donations from friends abroad, found it increasingly difficult to get its supplies and financial donations. The import and export of goods through the public sector was very difficult and almost impossible.

At the height of this economic depression (between 1974-1979), Interservice played a key role in supplying essential basic items which were otherwise unavailable on the shop shelves. These mainly included such items as sugar, salt, soap, cooking oil and some foodstuffs, which were mainly sent by friends as relief aid. Inter-service became the channel through which motor vehicles and other donations would be sent to Uganda for the church work. It was also the main source of medicine and equipment for the church founded hospitals in Uganda. This necessitated Interservice to provide clearing and forwarding services at ports of Mombasa and locally through Malaba, Busia and Entebbe Airport.

Since it was becoming more and more difficult to rely on the public service sector and financial institutions in Uganda at the time, Interservice became the trusted main channel through which donor agencies would send money to Uganda for general church work and church initiated projects and programmes, especially in the line of social services like hospitals, schools, orphanages and other church related charitable organizations and institutions.

Interservice became the main clearing house for foreign cheques and provided service for the exchange of the foreign currencies into Uganda shillings for the beneficiaries.

At the peak of this difficult period (the late 1980’s ) Interservice had become the one stop point where church organizations all over the country converged to procure all the supplies, ranging from essential basic commodities to construction equipment and materials and petroleum products. This was due to the near collapse of the public commercial sector.

Although Interservice was a non-profit making organization, the volume of the business transactions dictated that overheads had to be met and hence minimal operational charges were levied. This led to the establishment of accounts, ledgers, budgeting and establishment of business plans so as to be able to account professionally and efficiently to the clients and owners.

When the economy began to stabilize in the mid 1990’s, the Missionaries of Africa handed over Interservice to the present proprietors- The Uganda Episcopal Conference. A constitution was adopted, and a Managing Director was appointed to run the affairs of the organization.

In the following years a number of legistalations and policies were instituted by Government in the business environment within which Interservice was operating. This made it difficult for Interservice to continue afloat without adhering to these legistations. Hence there was a need to formalise Interservice operations as a registered corporate entity.This was done and the registered entity was called J.W. Interservices.


Our Mission

Promotion of Integral human development in Uganda, Inspired by Catholic human values

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, effecient and effective business arm of the Uganda Catholic Church to achieve financial independence and development.

 Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Veracity/Truethfulness
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Service with Love

Our Partners

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